The Best VLCD Diet is The New You Plan

I am loving getting back on the new you plan it is the best VLCD diet plan in my opinion.

Their range of products is really good, I have tried almost everything and there is nothing that I don’t like.  It definitely tastes good.

The support is excellent, the best VLCD diet support I have experienced.

I have just signed up for their spring transformation challenge, so I am hoping to lose 2 stone this spring.  That would be so amazing to achieve that.

Fingers crossed I can do it!

I will blog about it here 🙂

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Total Food Replacement

I am back on total food replacement after a 2 week break.

I have lost over 4 stone now from starting new you plan total food replacement.

I am excited about the rest of my total food replacement journey, and hope to lose another 2.5 stone in the next couple of months before I go on my holiday.

You can find out more about my total food replacement diet journey with the new you plan by reading my blog here.

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Week 2 so far on Total Food Replacement Diet

Week 2 has been a rollercoaster week for me.

The New You Total Food Replacement Diet is going fine, I am feeling totally fine, and really enjoying the total meal replacement foods.  This week I have had to deal with some stressful things, and this would normally have me eating something nice, but I have so far been able to stay strong and stick to the New You Diet Products.    I have had a couple of extra products but all in all I have been sticking to the programme.  I am hoping that this will be worth it on Monday when I weigh in again.

My Menu Plan today is:-

Breakfast: Peanut Bar

Lunch: Mushroom Soup

Snack:  Strawberry Wafer

Tea:  Irish Stew

Supper: Hot choc

Staying positive and focused on my goal.  Looking forward to dropping down a dress size, I am in size 12 jeans at the moment, and I know when I get back into my 10s I will feel a hell of a lot better about myself.  When I get back into the 8s I think I will have to do a wee dance I will be soooo happy!!! lol

Onward and downward

If you want to purchase these total food replacement diet meals you should visit the new website The New You Plan 

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I am very very very happy with that.  This has been a doddle compared to lipotrim diet and the new you diet products taste good i dont feel deprived at all.  Its all good. 🙂

My menu plan today is:

If you want to purchase these total food replacement diet meals you should visit the new website The New You Plan 

Breakfast: New You Diet shake

Lunch:  Peanur crunch bar

Tea: Cream of onion and crouton soup

Supper:  Hot choc

Yummy!!!!  Going to make up my next menu plan and get my new you products in

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Day 6! Total Food Replacement Plan by New You Diet

Feeling great and it is day 6, week one is almost over and I have found this to be much easier than I imagined, I havent cheated once, and it has been sooo cold with the snow and ice, so I feeling very proud of myself.  I am looking forward to my first weigh in on monday and hoping to lose 7 pounds.  I lost 7 pounds the first time i did the lipotrim diet, and it is shakes only, so if i can lose 7 pounds this time on the new you diet, and I am enjoying meals, bars, wafers, snacks… I will be very impressed indeed

The New You Plan offers a lipotrim alternative – go check it out!

Menu Plan:
Breakfast: Strawberry Wafer and Black Coffee
Lunch: Hot Cappuncino
Tea: Spag Bol
Supper: Cream of Onion Soup & Croutons
Really digging the hot cappuncino, i almost felt like i was in starbucks! lol 🙂
If you want to purchase these total food replacement diet meals you should visit the new website The New You Plan 

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Day 5 on New You Total Food Replacement Diet

I am on Day 5 now of the New You Diet and feeling really good!

If you want to purchase these total food replacement diet meals you should visit the new website The New You Plan  the meals work like other TFR diets like lipotrim, as in you will go into ketosis and lose a lot of weight relatively quickly.  It is very motivating!

I didn’t even think about food today, felt really good all day, and got lots done in work, so it was a very productive and non-thinking-about-food day! I tasted the water flavourings today for the first time, they are quite nice, and make a change from just drinking plain water. Think I am going to try one in sparkling water next, see how that tastes!

It is minus 5 degrees or something crazy! I am really liking the hot meals and drinks, dont know if I could do it without them.
Menu Plan:
Breakfast: Hot Chocolate
Lunch: Peanut Bar
Tea: Chilli Meal
Evening: Chilli Crisps –
I enjoyed tonight as it is Friday and it is nice to have a wee treat in front of the telly so I watched Celebrity big and ate my new you diet chili crisps with the summer berry. Happy Days! I dont even feel like I am doing a TFR diet as it feels like I am eating real food, that tastes so good.  I dont feel deprived at all.
In the past when I did TFR and the weekend arrived I always felt frustrated but this is much better and I don’t feel overwhelmed about being on the total food replacement diet for 2-3 months becuase i am actually enjoying the food!

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Day 4 – New You Diet – Total Food Replacement Plan

This week has flown by and I am finding the new you diet to be easier than I thought. I haven’t been feeling hungry at all, and I am really looking forward to my weigh in next monday. I probably should be drinking more water, its so cold that I have been drinking a lot of hot black coffee! I haven’t weighed myself yet, im going to save my first weigh in to Monday! So fingers crossed it is a good one!
My menu plan for today is…
Breakfast: Honey Nougat Bar
Lunch: Spaghetti Bolognese
Tea: Vegetable Soup
If you want to purchase these total food replacement diet meals and more variety on the new website The New You Plan 
So far, so good on the new you diet, I have tried restarting TFR diets before on lipotrim and cambridge diet, and i have found it very hard, this time is much easier with the choice of meals and bars and soups are much nicer too.  Very happy, just hope my first weigh in is good, then i will be really happy!

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